Welcome to RMD Signs for Facilities (formerly Denver Custom Signs). We are a custom sign company in the Denver area, and we ship our products all over the world.

We create indoor signs, outdoor signs, ADA signage, monument signs, lobby signs, lighted signs, channel letter signs, glass signs, wood signs, vehicle graphics, and banners.

FACT: 85% of a new business' customers come from within a 5 mile radius of their physical location and 49% visit the location specifically as a result of seeing the sign.

It is a logical conclusion that having an effective, legible and visually appealing sign is of critical importance to every organization. It is arguably the most important aspect of a new business as the sign is responsible for literally half of the sales volume.

FACT: Signs work for your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They don't take vacations, get sick, need training or quit to go work somewhere else.

FACT: Dollar for dollar, compared to any other kind of advertising, signs are the clear winner when it comes to resulting exposure for dollars spent in a community.

*Based on a standard "cost of 1,000 visual impressions" signs

* NOTE: All of the above information, statistics and facts have been obtained through independent studies by the SBA (Small Business Administration), the ISA (International Sign Association), the University of San Diego's study on the impact of on-premise signage and the American Trucking Association.