Channel Letters

Versatile Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters with Grist Logo

What are Channel Letters?

A channel letter sign is comprised of individual letters that are independently mounted to a wall or other surface, either indoor or outdoor. The space between the letters is not part of the sign structure but is part of the wall on which it is mounted.

Njevity Channel Letters on Lobby Wall

This type of signage is extremely popular because it is eyecatching, standing out away from the building.

A logo or other image can also be a channel letter! Check out the Grist logo above and the City Pop goodies below.

City Pop Channel Letter Signage with Candy and Popcorn

Channel Letter Lighting

Channel letter signs can be face lit or reverse lit.

Face Lit letters are lit from within, using either neon or LEDs, to create these solid color components. For a different effect, the face of the letter can be transparent so the viewer sees the raw neon and inside of each letter!

Reverse lighting is also called halo lighting or back lighting. The surface behind the letters is flooded with light and the letters stand out in front of background color as they do on the Pradera lighted monument sign, below.

Pradera Monument Sign Channel Letters Back Lit at Dusk

For a stunning effect, a sign can be both face lit AND reverse lit!

There are many exciting possibilities. Look at the City Pop sign at night where the face of the letters turns tan and the sides are lit white!

City Pop Channel Letter Sign Back Lit at Night

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